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Injinji Trail Midweight Coastal

Price: £19.00


• Natural Toe Alignment
• Superior Moisture Management
• Improved Posture and Improved Balance
• Blister and Hotspot Prevention
• Tactile Feel

Palm Trees.  On socks.  Well yeah.  HELL YEAH!

The Injinji Trail Toesock is designed as a warmer, blister free interface for performance in any shoe, cooler climates or terrains. Engineered with Injinji's patented AIS Technology and constructed to keep feet dry, cool and comfortable.

WAIT!  What does that mean?  Well, in short, they feel amazing, fit to your feet like no other sock(for obvious reasons), and more importantly - they stop skin-on-skin friction from causing blisters.  The individual toes can wick away moisture from between/around your pinkies, which helps prevent Athlete's Foot.  If you happen to wear Five Finger style shoes, they'll help keep them clean and free from odor*.  Calf fit make it less likely that debris will ever enter the socks while you're on the move, though it MAY enter your shoes.  CH

View Pictures for size guide.  *The socks might develop a smell, but the prevention of infection should prevent your feet from developing similar.

Also available at the Sheffield Accelerate store.