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Scott T2 Kinabalu 3.0

Price: £110.00

  • 11mm Heel to Toe 'Drop'
  • 29/18mm Depth
  • Self cleaning lug design
  • Wet Traction
  • Rock Protection

Same fit and feel as the Kinabalu 2.  Improved foot hold.  Lightweight, but fully cushioned.  A ride that's second to none.

Scott have created a range of footwear that provides all of the help and structure necessary for high mileage, fast feet and racing prowess - but at a fraction of the weight, with bags of comfort and a responsive feel people can't believe when they try 'em for the first time.  Kinabalu is basically a trail version of their 'Palani Trainer'.  11mm heel to toe drop, bags of traction and an outdoor all weather construction that will shield you from knocks and scrapes, while shedding water the moment it attempts to bog you down.  As good for completing monster runs, as they are for shorter distances over and over and over...

High mileage.  Comfortable.  Smooth transition from heel to toe, with the feel of a more minimal shoe.  Are their bikes this good....?

Read Ultra Distance Runner Darryl Watton's review of the Kinabalu here.

Scott say:

The ultimate lightweight trail machine. Maximum protection and traction at minimal weight. An ideal balance of lightweight materials, cushioning, protection and quick response thanks to eRide Technology. Shaped for smooth transition whether you are striking on the heel, mid foot or forefoot to adapt to the varied terrain. Our lightest trail shoe with uncompromised traction and protection, featuring an AeroFoam midsole, which is 25% lighter than traditional EVA foams.