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SILVA Tyto Back

Price: £10.00

  • Safety light
  • Visibility for roadside
  • Easily attached vis in-built clip or strap included
  • IPX6 Water Resistant Rating
  • Ideal for use with Ninox2 & Explore2 torch*
  • *available separately
  • 12g
  • 100hr burn time
  • Withstands rain, snow and mud

For some, essential, for others, not so much.  Beter to have and not need than need and not have, for a mere £10, the Tyto safety light can be placed upon the rear of the headband to make your torch a safer solution to all round visibility at the road side.  It'll make leading groups a little easier.  It'll double as a bike light via the strap included.  It'll run for 100hrs and won't be affected by weather or mud.

For peace of mind - safety first - Tyot Red.


When a sport or activity calls for a safety light, the Tyto Back lamp is the perfect solution. Extremely compact and waterproof, this light can be attached to headbands, jackets, bikes, backpacks and much more by a full range of users. This model comes with two safety light modes— constant and blinking.