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Endurance Sports Nutrition

Price: £17.99


Over 18,000 copies of the previous edition were sold worldwide. This book is aimed at recreational, competitive and elite athletes who regularly train for and participate in endurance sports events, as well as coaches and trainers of competitive and elite athletes.

Written by a sports nutrition expert and accomplished endurance athlete, it provides a unique perspective on nutritional advice for endurance sports. It offers nutritional strategies for improving training and performance in more than a dozen endurance sports, including running, cycling, swimming, triathlons, rowing, trekking and winter sports.

Readers will learn how to improve training diet, achieve or maintain a healthy weight, overcome extreme environments and control intake of food and fluids in preparation for competition. It provides guidance on choosing the best foods, fluids and supplements to train longer, recover more quickly and succeed in competitive events; and includes nutritional strategies for vegetarian athletes.