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SILVA Trail Runner 4 Ultra

Price: £100.00

  • Complete lighting solution in one set
  • Includes:
  • Lamp - 350 Lumen
  • AAA battery Pack
  • USB Rechargeable battery pack
  • Extension lead
  • Rear Tyto Back safety light included
  • 49g (lamp alone)
  • IPX5 Water resistant
  • Battery strength indicator
  • Full charge in only 4hr!
  • 2 Light modes

There are times at night, when you want your very own patch of daylight to run in.

You want range enough to see obstacles/hazards in advance.

You might wish to carry as little weight upon your head as possible.

You'll probably enjoy knowing that traffic or members of a group can keep track of you from behind.

All this and more can be achieved using the Trail Runner 4 Ultra.


With the accessories you might normally expect to purchase separately at extra cost included within the set, you can mount the mere 49g of lamp upon your head, then set off in confidence knowing that power can be replaced in an instant, simply by pulling the plug from one source, then plugging straight into the next - all of which is included. 

Add the safety light that can be mounted to the rear if desired and you've a versatile solution to lighting needs that will provide upto 90hrs burn time.  350 Lumens of brilliant clear light and the Intelligent Light System, with twin lamps to provide a balance between wide flood for a complete ground awareness, versus  long range spot to warn of up-coming technical terrain.

This is a complete package for a mere £100.