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5K and 10K Training

Price: £14.99


Aimed at dedicated runners looking to improve performance in these race distances. Offers runners a breakthrough system that synchronises energy levels with training effort, showing how to choose the most effective workouts based on the body's capacity to perform. Provides more control over the training process, allowing runners to remain injury free while increasing energy available for workouts. Will appeal to runners who want an intuitive system that can be customised to suit individual fitness levels and training requirements.

About the author:

Brian Clarke has more than 30 years experience of coaching runners in training and racing, as well as directing running and conducting training programmes, clinics and camps for the past 20 years. He is currently the director of the Brian Clarke School of Running and Island Triathlon Training Inc.

"Brian Clarke takes complex training systems and makes them easy to understand. His many tables and charts will guide you to your best training paces and recovery efforts, and guarantee that you find your personal best training program."
Amby Burfoot
Executive Editor, "Runner's World" magazine
Winner, 1968 Boston Marathon

Chapter 1. Understanding Effort and Energy
Chapter 2. Structuring Racing Effort
Chapter 3. Practicing the Five Racing Abilities
Chapter 4. Scheduling Workout Effort
Chapter 5. Balancing Effort and Fatigue
Chapter 6. Programming Your Training
Chapter 7. Designing Workouts to Build Ability
Chapter 8. Tailoring 5K & 10K Programs
Chapter 9. Tracking Your Progress