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inov-8 Terraclaw 220 - Womens

Price: £65.00

  • Tongue lock technology
  • 4mm drop
  • Dual-C outsole
  • multi directional lugs
  • X-Lock upper system
  • Multi terrain off-road shoe
  • 220g
  • Red Dot Award winning shoe

    Note: Also available for pre-order, the 8mm version of this shoe:  The Terraclaw 250, for those looking to run longer/slower (perhaps) and enjoy a more protective shoe with greater heel to toe differential to help delay fatigue.  The choice as they say, is yours...

    Here it is - kind of, the soon to be released inov-8 shoe for runners who like to take on whatever the UK can throw at them.  Mud, grit, gravel, grass, dirt, dust and more!

    The latest improvements in footwear design come in the form of the clever Tongue Lock (preventing the tongue from working its way around your foot inside the shoe), Dual-C rubber outsole, with both endurance and sticky rubber compounds to ensure you grip when you need to, along with that multi directional grip.  Studs that offer traction on the flat, but spaced out enough for grabbing into mud or wet grass where it'll keep you on two feet where it can.

    The tried and tested meta flex and fascia bands within the midsole - helping your efficiency and delaying fatigue.

    The most important part.....they look amazing and have a snazzy 'Ray-Wrap' system, by which the shoe laces a-symetrically and directs your weight through the first metatarsal (where you should be applying force for a strong push off).

    Secure fit, great look, multi terrain grip, low drop.  Ideal for fast runners who wish to conquer the trail.  Open country should't prove too difficult for those who've come to rely on their technical running ability over deeper and deeper lugs, but time will tell if the Mudclaws are left quaking in their box.