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Ronhill Cargo Belt

Price: £18.00

  • Summer Storage
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal design
  • Inbuilt Race Number Attachments
  • Gel holders (enough for 8 gels)
  • Strong stretch pocket
  • Tough reliable belt buckle for ease of use

This is a simple and effective solution for travelling light in fine weather, or for racing.  It holds essentials such as keys and phone, with added gel holders (x4 each side), along with easy to use Race Number attachments (make a hole in each corner of your numer and thread the elastic bungee through before securing the stopper at the desired length).

A very convenient way of carrying those items you couldn't do without, while avoiding the bulk or warmth of a full running vest on hot days.

If attempting to use for carrying a Mobile Phone, maximum dimensions appear to be 7cm x 14cm.

Ronhill say:

Expandable storage pocket for mobile devices, nutrition, and essential items

Combination of lightweight Powerlite fabric and comfortable waist elastic

  • New improved silicone strip to help keep gels secure
  • Robust waistband and buckle
  • 8 gel loops
  • Secure fit with no movement/bounce