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inov-8 Race Glove

Price: £15.00

  • Low volume
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pack down
  • Warm even when wet*
  • Tactile
  • Electronic compatible**

The super thin, stretch fabric, comfortable gloves from inov-8.  Enough to keep the chill off, but not so hot you want to remove them half way through your run.

I've used this glove for the last 12 months and I've never felt comfier with a pair.  For all their lack of insulation when it gets gim, I simply apply th appropriate shell outer - such as the ideally suited inov-8 Race Ultra Mitt.  The rest of the time, I'm happily stuffing these glovesinto the smallest of pockets, even those built into my shorts - just to cover me against sudden drops in temperature - since I get cold fingers quite easily.

For long runs with evrything lightweight, they qualify every time.  They're also very quick to dry when hung across the back of a chair or left out in the open at home.  No need to apply heat - ready again in no time.  CH

*At 5degrees or warmer, without excessive wind chill.

**In my experience (Chris Hough), while using touch screens in the Race Glove, there was no problem, they seemed conductive enough as they were, no need for metalic finger tips etc.