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Polar lead the field where science meets accuracy.  Pioneers in sports timing & heart rate, sophisticated hardwear and state of the art softwear/support, plus online backup and apps for ease of use.  A runner's range for those who value reliability and value for money.


V800 offers the greatest collection of detailed features, coachin and feedback about you and your running.  Train with precision.  Complete control.


If you wish to combine all aspects of your routine. Communications, GPS Navigation and entertainment on the move, all at the swipe of a finger...  M600


M430 - a 'goto' for runners in need of time/distance/speed, with groundbreaking wrist based heart rate information and intelligent feedback about your training results.  A personal trainer on your wrist!


Entry level wrist based HR and time/distance/speed for those taking their first steps.

Activity tracker supreme, for all day - every day awareness of your fitness and recovery.