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Scott Kinabalu Enduro Off-Road Running Shoe


Reviewed by Stuart Walker of Team Accelerate - Scott.










 I’ve been wearing the Scott Kinabalu Enduro for about a month now. 

They have been my only pair of running shoes for this time, so I’ve worn them for everything.

Scott describes these as “the first ever shoe developed with that 'All Mountain' approach in mind”, meaning that they should be equally at home racing hard, or taking it easy on recovery days, so they ought to suit me perfectly.


I first got hold of them JUST in time for the Trail des Cretes du Chablais race (like, hours before the start!) and I wore them straight out of the box which is of course not recommended. Particularly when the race in question is a 70km mountain race.

-  In fact they were brilliant – the race was a messy mixture of steep rocky trails, scree and snow traverses and in the later stages, plenty of mud. The Enduros coped admirably with all of them, though they did feel the most at home on solid ground and a little lacking in grip on the really slippery mud, but since that’s probably a description attributable to any shoe it doesn’t tell us much…


Let’s have a proper look at them. First things first (apart from the colour!), they're not a lightweight racing slipper, at nearly 1kg a pair (860g) it’s fair to call these a heavy pair of shoes.  The extra weight is perhaps due to the plastic / rubbery coating which covers pretty much the entire shoe. 

This will certainly aid their lifespan and gives a good degree of protection from sharp rocks and other bits of trail that will try to tear the sides of your shoes open.  My previous favourite shoes, the Kinabalu Supertrac met with their eventual end this way, rather than through wear, so for me the extra weight is a price worth paying for longevity.  The heel is also protected from damage and is very supportive.



Comfort-wise, for me the fact that I wore them out of the box, for 10 hours of racing - without a blister says it all.  They are comfy, fit well and appear to be sized correctly. 

One minor point is that the rubberised upper does mean that the lace holes are very tight and the laces require a proper tug to get them tight.  Though this does make them unlikely to slip once you’re running.


The Vibram Megagrip sole is reasonably chunky, not quite as big as the Supertrac, but chunkier than the Scott Trail Rocket. The drop is quite large and the whole shoe feels quite stiff and rigid at first, though I have found that they have softened slightly with use.



Overall I’ve found them to be great: Comfortable, hard wearing and able to cope well with most terrain, if a little on the heavy side. 

I reckon Scott have achieved their aim of making a shoe for all occasions and they certainly look like they will keep going for a long time.


Stu Walker.

Blog: challengestu

Twitter: @mrstuartwalker

Shoe specs:  Drop from heel to toe - 11mm.  Weight - 380g. 

Features - Protective-High-Abrasion-Casing, Seamless-One-Piece-Upper, Rock-Protection-Plate, Vibram-Megagrip, Lace Bungee.

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Monday 1st of August 2016

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