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A guide to running in hot weather.

4th June 2015
Chris Hough suggests a few tips for running in warm weather and explains some of the measures you can take to ensure a happy healthy summer.

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 2.0 Reviewed.

19th May 2015
Chris Hough upgrades from the Scott Jurek Ultra Vest, to the 2.0 and shares his delight. Does it justify replacement of the mark 1?

Patagonia Long Haul Western Running Shirt

15th May 2015
Stuart Walker: Runner. Adventurer. Reviewer. Superhero? Read his take on the 'Long Haul' shirt from Patagonia.

Hoka: F-Lite pack test

23rd March 2015
Regular contributor Kate Allen turns her attention to a surprise package we sent her, the Hoka F-Lite vest. Would she give it the time of day?

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