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Inov-8 and Salomon Ultra Footwear Head to Head

9th June 2015
The Salomon Race Sense Ultra is now into it's 4th generation whilst the Inov-8 Race Ultra 270 has only recently been launched. Designed for lightweight racing for the ultra trail runner they appear to be in direct competition with each how do they compare?

Head to Head shoe review: Triumph ISO vs Intuition 3

4th June 2015
Saucony's top high mileage shoes tested against Altra ZeroDrop's new gym/road all rounders. Chris Hough puts both shoes through their paces.

A guide to running in hot weather.

4th June 2015
Chris Hough suggests a few tips for running in warm weather and explains some of the measures you can take to ensure a happy healthy summer.

Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Ultra Vest 2.0 Reviewed.

19th May 2015
Chris Hough upgrades from the Scott Jurek Ultra Vest, to the 2.0 and shares his delight. Does it justify replacement of the mark 1?

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