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Layering systems explained.

10th November 2015
Chris Hough asks 'are you over dressing for your run?' and explains the principles of layering clothing according to the conditions.

Half Marathon Endurance Development Part 1 - by Stu Hale

9th November 2015
Accelerate Performance Centre's Stuart Hale supports local run leaders in delivering clear, easy to understand instructions that they can in turn deliver to their groups. Here's his advice for those embarking on their first Half Marathon - using Sheffield Half Marathon as a key example.

A 'feet' of engineering - SockMine's Griplock Sock reviewed

22nd September 2015
Chris Hough takes us through the many advantages of using this new sock on the block. The British made Griplock Sock from SockMine. Available now at Accelerate.

Customer Review: The Montrail Bajada II (UK Exclusive UTMB Edition from Accelerate).

4th September 2015
Craig Muress is a regular at Accelerate, recently receiving Heart Rate advice and coaching from the Accelerate Performance Centre. He just completed several tough races in the Peak District while testing his newly purchased Montrail Bajada II UTMB shoes and shares his take on them.

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