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Inov-8 Graphene G Series The Inov-8 Graphene Story.

2018 and Inov-8 launch the first ever sports footwear to utilise Graphene in the making of its running shoes.
Instead of just adding it to product within its existing range two new shoes specific to fell and ultra trail running are to be launched.
The Mudclaw G 260 and the TerraUltra G 260.



Graphene : The Essential Facts

Since 2004 the University of Manchester has been working with this unique material and the potential for Graphene has been described as limitless.  So why mix it with Sticky Rubber, Inov-8's infamous grippy outsole?
Graphene, for a start, is extremely hardwearing and is said to be the strongest material on the planet. Likewise, it is also incredibly flexible, something that (if it's going to work with rubber based outsoles) is pretty important.
Sticky Grip, in order to offer the level of traction we seek, is by its nature 'soft' - so has less than ideal wear charateristics. By adding Graphene into the mix of the Sticky Grip outsole, its durability is increased by 50%.  And this is without sacrificing grip.
Now that has to be good news.

Inov-8 G-Series Benefits

"Previously athletes had to choose between a sticky rubber that works well in wet or sweaty conditions but wears down quicker, and a harder rubber that is more durable but not quite as grippy. Through intensive research, hundreds of prototypes and thousands of hours of testing in both the field and laboratory, athletes now no longer need to compromise. The new rubber we have developed with the National Graphene Institute at The University of Manchester allows us to smash the limits of grip"


The G Series Footwear from Accelerate: