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Tag Archives: health

Fundamentally Speaking

  In just about every sport I can think of, coaching is part of the improvement process for the participant, yet not so often in running. I suspect because it is so much more of an individual sport and everyone … Continue reading

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What’s a healthy snack for an athlete?

I was asked by a client to help with snacks for her son who is an aspiring athlete. Snacking can be really difficult especially if people find they have to eat at different times of the day due to work … Continue reading

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Nutrition, immunity and running

It’s safe to say Winter is here now and along with it, coughs, colds and stomach bugs. If you have children, you’re even more likely to come into contact with Winter bugs as children are great at spreading germs. Running … Continue reading

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Body fat and sport

Almost everyone wants to be lean, have a 6 pack or at least some abs visible and plenty of muscle. Some athletes will religiously weigh themselves to make sure they haven’t gained or lost weight but do you know what’s … Continue reading

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