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Smashing Hathersage Hurtle through PMA & focused rehab

Today, Saturday 18 May, was a pretty epic day all in all. Just 7 weeks ago, I sprained my ankle. It looked like an elephant club foot, so attractive! Having to pull out of the four inns ultra was crap. Facing weeks without being able to run wasn’t any better.

Those of you who know me well will be well aware I’m determined and ‘strong willed’ (polite way of saying stubborn). I’ve used this as a positive over the last few weeks, with the hathersage hurtle as my immediate goal for rehab and oh my God, have I worked hard on rehab . Swimming, core, strength, cycling and easing back to running . It’s been hard to ignore the inner panic voice, but I have! Staying focused, taking rest and resisting the urge to enter the midweek races have all been part of this. Keeping my eyes on the prize: Brecon Beacons marathon 29 June.

Well chuffed with today. I walked the steep climbs and ran my own steady race. Finished in 3:14 and felt strong at the finish. Awesome.

About Caroline French

Team Accelerate Scott; by day, marketing manager. Plant powered runner living life and loving the trails
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