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We might be crazy…

Running is a weird old thing. My family and non-running friends think I’m nuts half the time. Often ask me why I bother, why don’t I just enjoy chilled Sundays…sound familiar?

I set myself a challenge last year and with 3 other crazies, entered to run the four inns 65km race. as a team of 4. It’s an epic route, literally up hill and down dale, starting in Holmbridge and finishing in Buxton. The response from my sister is the best so far, “Really? Do you know how far that is?”. Sure. Its a half marathon with a half marathon on the end!
So why do we do it? The four inns is a massive challenge. I’ve never ran anything further than a marathon. Its gonna be tough. My feet undoubtedly will not be great by the end. Sure, its intimidating. Yes. There will be amazing runners competing, and not just my team mates. I’m pretty sure a few times I’ll convince myself I’m not good enough and daunted by what’s ahead.

BUT, I’m doing it! I want to run it. I want the challenge. This is going to be an amazing experience, a great race, a test of my physical ability and fun! I’m scared and excited, both emotions swirling like a washing machine. I’m really proud of myself for doing it.
So why share this with you? I guess the message is it doesn’t matter what your personal challenge is. If you’re running a 5k, your first trail race, a marathon or just running, were all part of this amazing community. Were in it together and achieving.
My best advice and thing I’ve learned is don’t be worried by ‘what if?’ What if I fail?…. It’s about giving it a go. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. That’s the failure.
So grab those trainers. Embrace the hills, the mud, the pavement. Whatever your thing, just do it – sorry Nike 😉

About Caroline French

Team Accelerate Scott; by day, marketing manager. Plant powered runner living life and loving the trails
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