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Argh. It was all going so well!

Sunday 17th March, my last long run of training complete! 25 steady miles bagged. Now, let the taper begin!

I treated myself to a deep tissue massage Wednesday night. On Thursday morning’s easy run I’m feeling good, listening to birds singing. I headed down to the wood trail towards the river, then out of nowhere, I’d slid on a gnarly and muddy tree root. A crunch. Ouch. I was on the floor.

You know when you do the quick check? Body scan…is everything ok?

I sat for a minute on a tree stump, then decided to be sensible. Steady run home. Race day soon. Trouble was, when started to move, it hurt  Really hurt. Limping home, uphill, I pondered.

After the longest mile walk ever, I was happy to be home, then alarmed to see a huge lump forming on my ankle! An hour or so passed and 2 ibuprofen and paracetamol later, I was in agony still and called a taxi to get checked out.

Turns out it’s a nasty sprain. Given crutches to support my walking and for the next few days rest (hate that word!), ice and elevate. No running.

24 hours later and it’s hit me. I’ve had a couple of weepy moments today¬† Sometimes no matter how well you prepare…Gutted.

Then I realised. Mental resilience isn’t just about what happens on your long runs. Mental resilience is now too.

Rest, recover, get stronger.

Watch this space. It’s time for a new plan.

About Caroline French

Team Accelerate Scott; by day, marketing manager. Plant powered runner living life and loving the trails
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