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  • (Biology) the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment.
  • the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.


Ladies and Gentlemen… here’s a hard truth – RUNNING IS HARD WORK.

It’s so often overlooked.  But it is a fact.  We are organisms.  We react over time to our surroundings and more importantly, as runners, we respond to the demands of our environment.

If you sit still for 7 days a week, you can become world class at sitting still.  Your body takes note of your ‘environment’ and for efficiency, simply doesn’t waste time trying to be race ready just in case.

We’re way beyond outrunning lethal predators.  We no longer run to score food.  If there appears to be no need, there’s no ability.

No strength.  No circulation.  No form.  No recovery.

Doesn’t matter which movie you just saw.  Which blog (cough) you just read.  Inspiration matters not one jot – if you don’t allow the body to develop natuarally over time.

If a machine can’t perform at the required level, we build a better machine.  Swap a component.  Design a stronger machine from sctratch.  Use a more powerful fuel.

As organisms, we can’t do this.  We have to make slow gradual changes, learning how best to adapt while avoiding damage.

You have to maintain the process.  Your body will begin to adapt to a sedentary lifestyle the moment it can.  You can’t store fitness for long.  Your body doesn’t keep it on the back burner.

No training – no performance.  Over training – injury.  Slow gradual influence and constant requirement for little/often – gradual increase in performance.  Full stop.

Increase when you should.  Take note of the feedback your body gives you.  Understand your own individual strengths/weaknesses.

And perhaps most importantly – remember that no product can do this for you.  Running shoes and equipment make the PROCESS more fun, but they will not do the running for you.

Anything claiming otherwise is lies.




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