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(Don’t) know your limits! Go for it!!!

So, I’m an experienced runner. I’ve been running for about 10 years now, and with 5 marathons under my belt, I should be pretty confident. Should!
My running was initially road, hardcore training watching pace per mile and pounding the streets. Then I think I just got bored chasing the seconds and wanted a new challenge…along came trail running. Without doubt the new love of my life where running is about fresh air and freedom.
Sunday 28th October (as I write this, yesterday) was a whole new thing for me. I ran the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Grin n Bear It fell race, supported by Accelerate. I had contemplated it a few times, but then shied away from it. To seasoned fell runners, this probably seems a bit daft. However, I realised that I moved from road to trails and stayed within my safe trail zone: easy routes, fully waymarked and nothing too technical. This Grin n Bear It was a proper fell race, 16 miles of peat bogs, swampy grass, hills, mud, scrambling and requiring navigation. Not going to lie, I was nervous before hand.
It would have been really easy to back out, say I wasn’t fit enough or ready for the race, but I didn’t.. Okay, it wasn’t my fastest race. I wasn’t in the top 20% of finishers, but I’m pleased but I achieved something even better. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, exposed conditions, extreme ground and tested out new kit. I BLOOMING LOVED IT! I’m up for the next challenge

About Caroline French

Team Accelerate Scott; by day, marketing manager. Plant powered runner living life and loving the trails
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