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Do love a good hill #noshortcuts

I’d planned a leisurely weekend in the lakes with a mate, bit of parkrun tourism at Keswick….then get asked to help out with steel city striders’ relay team. They were a couple of ladies down due to injury for the British fell relay champs in Grasmere. Seemed like fate, given I was a mere 15 minutes away from race hq.

Felt absolutely shocking with a cold all week, bricking it about having stamina for a Race I knew nothing about, other than a big chuff off hill. Prepared? Not a chance! Still, I had base fitness and couldn’t not do it.

Race day was typical October lake district weather. Rain. Mist. Grey. Still there was a buzz of excitement in the air and as we lined up for leg 1, the crazy mix of emotions stirring. Let’s do this!

Tearing off from the start straight up a muddy bank, steam rising off us runners and lots of huffing and sliding. When we hit a flatter section relief quickly changed as a I realised my legs were jelly. Ha ha. Only 4.5 miles to go!! The trail was awesome with a gentle up with a few cheeky inclines, tracking a river as we climbed…and climbed…then more climb. We hit a scrambling, fun rocky section weaving around and rock hopping. Check point 2! We were directed left along what looked a flat, grassy section. “Looked”

Hidden from us due to heavy mist was a HUGE climb. Scrambling up steep shale, before crawling up steep incline we set up and up until…yay we reached the top! Awesome. Strong wind and rain at the top I needed windscreen wipers for for my eyeballs, we started down the super slippy grass descent. There was someone in a bad way half way down (hoping he is ok, slippy slidy grass and rocks are a crazy combo), but managed to trot on vertical towards the end. Quads burning, the trainers held in. loving these badboys (Scott kinabalu).

Wasn’t a fab of that demon climb just before the finish I’ll be honest but lived the sprint finish. What a race. 5.3 miles 2400ft elevation. When’s next year’s race….
Lessons learned? Go for it! #noshortcuts #teamaccelerate #teamacceleratescott

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Team Accelerate Scott; by day, marketing manager. Plant powered runner living life and loving the trails
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