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Raidlight Responsive 10L vest: First Impression


There has been a long wait to try this vest.  It’s been on my radar for quite some time.

I tested it when it was a prototype back in 2016.

I liked it then.

And I love it now.

Stretch fit.  Adjustable via the micro adjust buckles and with pockets for anything you care to stuff inside them.

Mega useful.  Really mega useful.

Best of all,  it  S – T – R – E – T – C – H – E – S

I’ve run in it a few times.  Between 3 and 20 miles, it never occurs to me that I’ve a pack on.  You wear it.  You don’t carry it.

It takes the regular items I use on a daily basis.  It looks like it’s the same size as my regular vest.  But my regular vest is 3 Litres.  This is 10.

And when suddenly, I need to carry a full change of work clothes and empty lunch box and spare run kit…..  it fits!

It fits and sits very neatly around my torso.  Offers a choice of stretch pockets for bottles (2 x 600ml soft flasks with extended bite valves included).  It features a whistle, obviously.

Looks good.  Feels good.  I do not wish to return the test vest I’m using.

So far so good.

Watch the Magazine page for the full review any time now.  Or just purchase one here !

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