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A weight lifted


I’ve been a little ‘chunky’ for the last few months (like a year).

I wondered how I was ever going to shift the weight…

Then I turned up to Marshall at the Hope Winter Fell Race, ready by arrangement to stand on the top of Win Hill in the freezing cold for upto 2 hrs.

Last year had been a blizzard, so I went prepared.  Mole skin tights, long sleeved base and midlayers.  Thick warm thermal jacket with hood.  GoreTex ski gloves.  Thick ‘Thinsulate’ fleece lined hat….

My Girlfriend Max had even made me a flask of homehade soup to keep me cosey on the hill.

I was primed, with my 12 Litre day pack on and deep cushioned midsoles in the form of Saucony KoaTR.  Not as grippy as they ought to be, but definitley room for thick warm socks, over thick warm socks and an inch of shoe between me and the cold ground/ground water.

Smart thinking.

On arrival – Race Organiser Colin Papworth asked me “can you run sweeper?”


“Yes” I heard myself saying….

So ran the entire course, wrapped up like Christmas, carrying the ****ing flask of soup, flapping about in the mud and ice, on my flat (but comfy) trail shoes.

Result….  a crazy start to a week which invloved a further 8 runs, with 4 of them in frozen snow, decked out in full winter gear, including spikes.

Weight loss – sorted.  Follow that with another big week, ending with Big Running Weekend, wherein I completed 15 miles of group run on the Sunday.

I’ve moved down a belt hole.

Eat less – move more, but without the eating less.  BONUS!

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