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Sesamoid Street


Today’s Blog is brought to you by the letters ‘F’ and the number ‘Zero’.

noun: sesamoid bone
  1. a small independent bone or bony nodule developed in a tendon where it passes over an angular structure, typically in the hands and feet. The kneecap is a particularly large sesamoid bone.

So, I’m into week 3 of injury and this time it’s something called my Sesamoid Bone/s which are an issue.  Until a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of these bones.  Didn’t even know that they were bones.  In fact, as fate would have it, I actually dealt with a customer recently who explained to me that she was suffering with a ‘Sesamoid thing’ and I joked afterwards, singing,

“Won’t you tell me how to get… to get to Sesamoid Street”.

Well now the joke’s on me, as I fail to put weight on my right foot without wincing.  Culprit – these fellas:

‘Sesamoids act like pulleys, providing a smooth surface for tendons to slide over, increasing the tendon’s ability to transmit muscular forces’.

They also act like ****ing torture devices!

For months, I’ve had a discomfort in my right big toe joint, but all of a sudden, boom!  agony.  So I’ve been off running completely and trying not to use my right big toe, which is easier said than done.  I’ve been too many times in my oh so nice racing shoes, when a high mileage pair with deeper cushion would have saved me when I was running out of steam (most of 2016/17).

Lesson learned.

Making slow progress, largely due to a visit with our resident guru Colin Papworth (Podiatrist) at the Accelerate Performance Centre.

As for recovery and an ETA on the trails….. a few more weeks me thinks.

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