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Best in Test 2017…

OK, we do this every year. We always get around to what we think have been the best products that the store has had on its shelves and that we have had the good fortune to have a play with this last year.
So this year we thought, well, ‘We could pass on our thoughts…’

So there you have it, we’ve put our heads together and by the end of the year we will have reviewed our ‘Best in Test 2017’.  It will be kit, shoes and gear we have actually tested – and there is a lot off it.  From Heart Rate Monitors, through to packs, new jackets and baselayers and as to shoes there is more updates and new shoes than you can shake a stick at.

We are only looking at new gear made available since November 2016, unless their just happens to be something that is good that nothing new has even come close to it. Yes, updates to kit will be included

So here’s the Best in Test Categories:
Road Running
Road to Trail Shoe
Trail Shoe
Running Pack, Belt or Vest
Running Accessory or Gadget
Sports Nutrition

It’s gonna be fun, and yes we welcome the debate as it will make it so much more interesting!

So what has been you new favourite running kit this last year? Go on just use Social Media to let us know, you may change our thinking…

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