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The Voices


So it’s race day and once again you are standing in the start line…

Or maybe you’ve just stepped out ‘your car on a miserable morning and looked up at that hill you were planning to go up… You could have everything controlled… Shoes tied and taped, enough Gels to feed an Army. But as soon as you start, something else comes into play.

A little voice in the back of your mind saying, “you can’t do this, you can’t do this” over and over again. “That person is too fast, you’re feeling tired, give up” is muttered as you rise the hill, slowly getting louder in the face of your pain.


See – everybody has this voice, no matter what sport or activity and it plays a major part in becoming the best you can be.

A way of proving this, is to get a partner and hold your arm out straight. Ask your partner to push your arm into your body with you trying to keep it away from your body. Then repeat this with you saying out loud “I’m weak, I’m weak”. What changed? You should have found that it was much easier to push the arm down the second time.

Imagine now what that does to you during a race when you are thinking that you are not very good. It’s all well and good knowing this information, but the most important thing is actually dealing with the voices that slow you down.

 – Now,            

before I start,  I must say – that what works for me may not work for you.  So because this voice is internal, you must find your own way of sorting out your own voice – one thing people have told me works for them, is to sing a song whilst running to take your mind off….. But this is what I do to reduce my voice, I shout internally at myself to go faster, run harder. I use my breathing pattern to create a phrase so I can repeat it whilst running. This phrase must be made up yourselves and something that helps you push harder and faster than before. I’ve been heard saying things like “tally-ho” to people I overtake and a little bit of “Downhill is fast, fast is good” when on a descent…

The little things.

Thanks for reading. 

Kieran Loombe.



Kieran Loombe runs for Team Accelerate-inov-8

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