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New Beginnings…



First one in ages.

Yonks, you might say.

But here it is.  New style.  Short blogs.

I’ve been getting fat.  Lazy.  Unfit.

I just accepted an invitation to join a friend and his mate on next year’s High Peak Marathon, so, y’know…..


Gotta get busy with at least 30 minutes a day, 6 days per week.  Gentle at first for sure.  But it’s gonna have to get serious in time, because come March 2018 – 40-odd miles of up/down with thick filth and bog, covered in fog (potentially) and a dash of sideways rain/snow.  At night.

So there’s that.


I’ve recently started leading a beginners group on Tuesday evenings, as part of Accelerate Trail Runners and it’s going swimmingly.  That is, slowly.  But that’s the point.

Everyone who joins me gets to take it nice and steady.  Chatty.  Fun.

If there’s a member of the group who prefers to slow right down, then we slow right down.  If I suggest a figure eight route and half way through, somebody (or everybody) decides that they’ve already done enough, then ‘that’s all folks’.

So far, we’ve had a blast.  Some are testing themselves.  Others are enjoying the change of pace.  Some might very well be using my group as a recovery from racing.


For details of the club and what we do every Tuesday evening, click HERE.

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