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A Little Light Reading


We’ve recently acquired the rather impressive little head torch, by the name of Ninox2, from SILVA.  It’s a powerhouse of a torch.  Not because of its overwhelming brightness, (its modest 200 Lumens is ample by anybody’s standards), but because of its clever collection of features.

SILVA Ninox2

The thing is, in order to get the most from it, as with any product, you really are best to have a quick read through the instructions that come included within the box.

Described in the instruction book (as well as the torches own product page), is the clever little lever – built into the strap’s buckle, for use when opening it up/sealing it shut once the AAA cells are neatly in place.

Also in there, you’ll find out all about how to switch it on:

One press of the power button and it’s on full blast.

Another press and it’s down to half strength, but twice the battery life as a result.

One last press and it activates the emergency strobe for attention grabbing when in need of assistance/rescue.

Press and hold to switch it off, or continue to cycle through the above settings.

And finally, if you press and hold to begin with, it comes on in red (for camp use, or perhaps map reading, etc), so preserving night vision and not broadcasting your position as far as the white mode will.

Fairly straight forward, but if you don’t take a look at those instructions, you could be losing your finger nails, or damaging your brand new torch while unaware that they’ve already made it easy for you.

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