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Monthly Archives: October 2017

A Little Light Reading

  We’ve recently acquired the rather impressive little head torch, by the name of Ninox2, from SILVA.  It’s a powerhouse of a torch.  Not because of its overwhelming brightness, (its modest 200 Lumens is ample by anybody’s standards), but because … Continue reading

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Light Relief

  A word about lighting. When running, your chief concern from dusk til dawn – is night time visibility.  That much is obvious. But as you strive to secure that largest, most powerful equipment known to mankind, it might be … Continue reading

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New Beginnings…

  Blog. First one in ages. Yonks, you might say. But here it is.  New style.  Short blogs. I’ve been getting fat.  Lazy.  Unfit. I just accepted an invitation to join a friend and his mate on next year’s High … Continue reading

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