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Champs Racing in the Sunshine


The past few months have seen Sheffield hit by some gorgeously hot weather. But all of that comes with extra challenges when racing and training. The high temperatures can create havoc as your body tries to compensate and ends up losing excess water and salts. It is especially difficult when the warm weather arrives suddenly and your body doesn’t have the chance to adjust before a big race.

My first challenge in this hot weather was Barnoldswick Weets, an English Champs short in absolute scorching conditions. The weather had come out of nowhere so I hadn’t had chance to train much in the conditions. I made sure to hydrate well the day before the race, utilising electrolyte drinks as well as plenty of water.

The race was only a short so we were not carrying kit or water. I felt like I was hydrated adequately although, like everyone, I was losing a lot of water during the race.

I felt like I had a good race – managing to stick ahead of some good ladies.

Smiles all round as I finished 2nd U23 and 13th lady – my highest overall placing in a champs race to date!

Post race I made sure to take on a lot of water (thanks dad for pouring loads of my head) and even found a nice little stream to cool off in with some of the other U23s.


The next championship race (both British and English) also fell on an extremely hot day but this time my body had had a bit of a chance to adjust to the weather! Off we went to Tebay for a medium race in the beautiful Howgills. Again I had made sure to hydrate in the few days leading up to the race.

As this was a medium race, we were carrying kit. Most of us made the decision not to carry water and were reliant on friendly spectators to give us a sip of water every now and again (thank you thank you!).

I also made the decision to have a gel at about 40mins and I think that helped to give my legs a little bit of extra energy to tackle Heartbreak Hill!

Despite the heat I thoroughly enjoyed myself and managed to run through the field and was still picking people off near the end. 3rd U23 and 16th Lady in a very strong field – again my highest overall placing in a medium champs race. It was also nice to have a good run in a similar field to the inter-counties where I hadn’t had such a good run!

Thanks as usual to my coach Stuart for helping me train right and advising me on hydration in tough conditions. Also thanks to inov8 for providing such fab kit and the only shoes I would chose to race in!

Here’s to summer!

About Anna Hoogkamer

Fun loving, hard working fell runner. Big hills, little hills the challenge to run them all, mostly! Member of Team Accelerate, thankful to receive support from Inov-8.
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