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I’m rebooting my system.

Since late in 2016, post injury and after a 12 week rest from running, I was keen to get back to routine.  That’s perhaps an understatement.

42 yrs of age, with 10 years of regular running under my belt.  Veteran status.  A successful history which includes 10K, Half Marathon, Cross Country Obstacle races, Mountain Marathons, Ultra Distance Trail Runs and one Parkrun.

So it is with a heavy (tired) heart that I recently concluded that I’d made a mistake in jumping back on the horse, so to speak.

This last 3 months I’ve battled fatigue.  I’ve spent days running to/from work with ever increasing amounts of lethargy to contend with.

The reason…..?

My cup of stress brimmeth over.  I’m trying too hard.  Sure, I’ve done more in the past.  The recent past.  But as bodies will, my body conveniently forgot how to perform at a high level of exercise.

The regularity was missing.  The easy start was skipped, in favour of matching expectation.  The conditioning was overlooked in favour of indulgence.

Invitations to join those who didn’t skip the last three months, readily accepted.  Reality check dismissed.  On went the battle.  The battle has been lost.

In order for me to win the war, I must be honest with myself and get back to a slow steady base of fitness.  Give my body time to heal.  Get stronger.  Rebuild my energy systems.  Shed the fatigue.  Construct circulatory systems.  Re-establish neuromuscular connections.  Gradually introduce the workload and tackle levels 2, then 3 using my Heart Rate monitor as my guide.

Running to feel has clearly allowed me to get carried away with delusions of grandeur.  That’s gotta stop.  Humble pie for one please.

Then 2017 can begin in earnest.

I’ve lost the bloat from too much lazing around (eating like I was still doing 70mile weeks).  I’ve accepted and admitted my mistake.

So to quote Rocky Balboa….. “Let’s start building some hurt bombs”.

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