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Adios to the cross-country season!


So the XC series is over for another year! Having completed what in my mind is the ‘complete xc series’ (Southerns, BUCS, Nationals and Inter-counties) for the first time in a loooong time so here’s a little look back over the last few weeks of racing…

Southern XC in Parliament Hills, London

Representing my home club City of Norwich in our wonderfully bright vests with my long term running buddy Mabel!


















Feeling strong at the finish! Here I am on the home straight finishing 40th (my highest ever placing at Southerns). Pleased to see my technique remaining strong after 8km of muddy pain! Thanks to Stu for all the help he’s been giving me on improving my form.


















BUCS XC in Graves Park, Sheffield – 55th

Really pleased with my performance at BUCS (British Universities and Colleges) XC this year. Pleased to have finished 2nd out of all the girls at Sheffield Uni and 55th out of around 600 competitors! Here I am jumping over a hay bale and having a lot of fun!

With Ellie and all smiles after a tough run! Feeling cosy in our #TeamAccelerateInov8 jackets!


National XC, Nottingham – 98th

Again feeling strong and super pleased to have snuck into the top 100 in my first nationals as a senior lady. There were almost 800 people in our race, which was totally mental
















Managing to maintain form despite the mud!



















Inter-counties XC, Loughborough – 111th

Team Norfolk after a not so hilly 8.5km of pain! Pleased to still be making the team and wearing the same vest that I got 10 years ago. It is signed by Steve Cram, so despite the fact that it’s getting rather small I am determined never to get a new one! The field was much stronger than at Nationals so really pleased with where I came and also the fact that I managed to pass a few people who’ve been besting me all season!


Lessons learned:

  • Technique technique technique!
  • Hill strength can be transferred to flat speed but it is important to get some tempo sessions in as well
  • I haven’t been injured in ages (touch wood) and I’m putting that down to the strength and conditioning program I’m doing (and also the help and support from the Team at APC when I get a niggle!)


As per, thanks to the support from Team Accelerate and Inov8 and the team at APC it’s great to see it making a difference!



About Anna Hoogkamer

Fun loving, hard working fell runner. Big hills, little hills the challenge to run them all, mostly! Member of Team Accelerate, thankful to receive support from Inov-8.
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