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Socks: The missing piece of the puzzle.


This entry serves as a reminder where socks are concerned.

We make the point in store and we’ve previously mentioned the value of running socks (for a full account of how a running sock might benefit you, read my previous blog ‘The Joy of Socks‘).

Not because they’ll improve your performance automatically, but because for all the time you’ll spend training and therefore developing your performance, your feet might as well be looked after.

It just makes sense not to risk damage, irritation or infection.

If you’re training or racing and at the same time suffering painful hot spots or loss of engagement due to a slippery or loose sock, you may fail to achieve what you thought possible – for most of us however, keeping a healthy stock of respectable socks is a means of enjoying the run a whole lot more.  Your socks adding a level of comfort, over and above that of the shoe.

So for many reasons combined, we’ve settled on two main brands for run socks in the Accelerate Store, Hilly & Injinji.



With a few exceptions, these two brands continue to stand out for us.

They both provide a wide range of socks, all useful in their own way, effective in tackling particular environments or distances.  Some models will provide extra thickness or structure.  Compression or insulation.  Length and colour still remain the key features for most.  In all ways, we have things covered via these two names alone.

There are of course popular brands in store alongside the ones mentioned above.

Brands such as inov-8 and Patagonia, offering great ethics and value for money in their own right.  The thing that remains constant across our entire range of socks at Accelerate is fitness for purpose and reliability.  For example: I still don’t recall a single Hilly sock coming back to us for any reason.

So consider the value of adding a collection of effective running socks to your kit list.  There’s no point whatsoever in making that painstaking selection of footwear and straight away donning some crummy cotton socks with holes in ’em.  Just undermines all the benefits of the shoes!


If curious about the benefits from a running specific sock, or if you’re already suffering a lot of wear and tear – come and see the selection we have and treat your feet.  We all (on Team Accelerate) enjoy having a ready supply of effective socks, free from holes and available on a whim – no need to delay that run until our faves come back out the laundry.  And rarely, if ever do we get blisters… #RunningMadeEasy

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