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Saucony Freedom ISO ‘out of the box’ first impression review:

Is this the best shoe Saucony have ever produced…..?


I’m inclined to think so.  But then, I’ve only had them on for a very short amount of time.  The real test will be to run in anger with them.  For now – the impression I got while in the store and on the treadmill was one of absolute neutrality through the shoe.

It won’t suit everyone.  That’s a given.  But it’s as comfy as any other shoe I’ve tried, while providing the sense that when it matters, I might really move in them.

Saucony Mirage fans (you know who you are) – pay attention.  So far I’ve sold it very successfully to those in search of a replacement.

The reason appears to be the stability and quality of the midsole.  4mm drop, 230g, with energy efficiency via the EVERUN material and that ISO Fit that holds the foot perfectly, while never feeling as if you have much around the foot at all.  They’re more like slippers that anything I can recall.  Including my actual slippers!

True – not everyone will cope with the absence of structure through the medial side of the shoe, but many who took the Mirage on repeat prescription the last few years, may be pleasantly surprised to discover that they’ve gained strength enough in the meantime to leave that rigidity behind and exploit some freedom of movement for a change.

First glance – modelled by the Saucony Tech Rep

The EVERUN reacts in just the right way that I swear it simply reacted to whatever I chose to do in it.  Hard running, speed, heel strike, slow plod…..  all easy and without feeling too much impact upon landing.  But applying some pressure and really pushing – there doesn’t feel to be any great amount of sinking either.  Responsive when it ought to be.  The ideal balance, if not transition between the deeper cushioning of Triumph ISO/Zealot ISO and the pure racing minimalism of the Type A.

I can’t help think this is another potential ‘racer/trainer’ for those looking to squeeze real value from its £140 rrp – as it’ll do the work of two shoes, if you’re happy to perform your long, slow training miles in such a natural style of low drop, flexible shoe.

I’ve literally nothing negative to say about the shoe this far.  Dying to get out and run a full week in it, to see how it fares against my Saucony shoes of old.  Then I’ll post a full scale review over on the Magazine – Watch this space….

You can already purchase the Freedom ISO via the links below and be among the first to feel the difference.

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