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On Cloudflow race shoe ‘out of the box’ first impression review.


Well well well.

Rarely have I put ‘On’ a more comfortable pair of running shoes.  Like slippers they are.

The new On Cloudflow is a shoe for those wishing to experience responsive cushioning – who wish to run quickly.

But the difference is the feeling inside the shoes.  They feel like ‘slippers’.  But you wouldn’t run in your slippers, so it’s a good thing they possess structure enough to maintain a neutral platform under foot and at a 6mm drop, provide some protection against over doing it.  There’s a subtle rocker to their design, which assists a swift, smooth transfer from heel to foot (or in my case, mid foot to toe off) and they’re lightweight enough to feel like half the shoe they are.

The 'Stats'.

The ‘Stats’.

There’s a feeling that you could run comfortably forever in them (though I suspect that won’t be the case).

So on first run, they allowed me to turn on sudden bursts of speed, while for the main – I sauntered to work at a steady level 1 or 2 heart rate (easy does it).  There’s a real feeling of being fleet of foot in them and I like the sensation, a real sense that you wanna go fast.  I’ve really not felt quite so excited in a shoe for at least a year or so.  Almost like being a kid again and rushing everywhere, when you could just as simply walk.

My pair are a UK6 Women's, naturally.

My pair are a UK6 Women’s, naturally.

There’s plenty of time to sample their fitness for purpose on longer training runs and actual races, but from experience and a little instinct, I have very high hopes for my performance in the Cloudflow.  Roll on 2017 and the odd Parkrun, or 10K for a change…

The Cloudflow from On are already available at Accelerate Store.  Come try ’em.  Full review to follow on the Accelerate Magazine.

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