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Intervals: ep01 – Dawn Raid

So I’ve finally got round to starting a video diary that I had originally planned about two years ago.

‘Intervals’ is going to be a semi-regular series of SHORT films. Emphasis on short. The brief is to cap these at no more than a couple of minutes each. Sometimes they might be interesting, more often than not they’ll be fairly mundane, because that is what a diary is I suppose. The day to day.

The first entry is a case in point for the latter, whereby I attempt to film my daily 6am run, but it’s dark, cold and raining and so you can’t see very much other than a headtorch bobbing around. Oh well. Got to start somewhere I suppose. Hopefully there will be upcoming content on kit, inspiring places to run, adventures, races, training, and general shenanigans. And I promise that from here on in most of them will be filmed in daylight…

Intervals: episode 01 – Dawn Raid from Simon Green on Vimeo.

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About Simon Green

Ultra and fell running vegetarian. Accelerate supported athlete, aspiring coach, habitual blogger.
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