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Call off the search.


I’m back!  Back to my old tricks.

Google Earthed my route to Wharncliffe Crags as part of a 20 mile level 1 training run.  Excited to finally visit something I’ve seen from afar, but never explored.

Set off, running well and moving in the right direction.

But I overshot the turn I assumed would look pretty obvious and wound up recognising the A616 as being too far by a long way.

So I headed west and attempted to short cut to the edge from directly above.  I even used my phone to check the map before setting off in the right direction once again.

Then I got the impression that I was again heading off in the wrong direction, so doubled back and came back out on a road from the trip out.

I arrived at the Grenoside Woods Car Park and bumped into ex Accelerate colleague, Adela Carter – who gave me some pretty good directions and away I went once more.  But I couldn’t remember the exact directions and some of it was open to interpretation.

So there was a little more bog and mud than perhaps should have been.  I probably wouldn’t have tripped while running down a mountain bike track if I’d known where I was supposed to be going.

I definitely wouldn’t have ended up attempting to climb some very steep hillside trails at level 3/level 4 if all had gone according to plan.  But the plan it seemed, was out the window.  Frustrated. Lucky to be in one piece and with a left foot that looks like it was sculpted from one massive lump of mud, I continued to go back and forth until finally admitting to myself that today was not going to be the day I got to visit those crags.

So I ran home, making good use of the ‘Back to Start’ feature on the Polar M400 Watch.  3hrs done.  Not exactly level 1 and not without a few stops and starts.

But I had enjoyed it.  I got a good run in.  The weather was great.  I saw Adela.  I just didn’t reach my destination.

Of course, it turns out that at one point when I doubled back, having decided that I was making a huge mistake, I was only a few steps from where I wanted to be.  Typical.  Could’ve been a much simpler, more satisfying day.

My run.  Everything but the crag!

My run. Everything but the crag!

But there’s always another day.  So I’ll try again.  At some point.





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