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A proper pudding.


I’m not gonna go into too much detail (for a change), but I recently attempted to work out a good way to consume Rice Pudding while running.

The reason – my colleague Tom Saville had long championed the idea, having eaten it during his Bob Graham aged only 16yrs.

But I’m not expecting support crews or a place to sit and eat from a bowl with a spoon.  I want to be self sufficient on the move.

So I came up with pouring rice pudding into my UD Soft Flask.  But it was still too lumpy to pass through the bite valve.  So I turned to ‘Brenda the Blender’ and reduced it to a rice pudding drink.



So I was armed with a slow release carbohydrate in a tasty creamy sauce, sweet but good for a base of long term energy.  What could possibly go wrong…..?

I headed out on the Accelerate Expedition Run.  11miles of slow steady uphill and back down to Moscar from a Rivelin Park Cafe start.  With an optional run home while the rest of the group bar one took the bus.

On the up I managed not to down the entire bottle in one go, though it was tempting.  So tasty and easy to just drink down.

The group seemed divided on my experiment, with half thinking I was insane and the others shouting about what a brilliant idea it was.

Ultimate Direction Body Bottle/Rice Pudding holder..

Ultimate Direction Body Bottle/Rice Pudding holder..

On we went and despite some of the usual trouble squeezing the final few sips from the bottle, I finished all 500ml by the time we’d passed the trig at High Neb.

I thought nothing more of it, except that I would prefer not to have such a wrestle with those last few sips.  Soft Flask away, then focus on that run home.

Myself and one other guy running home.

Liquidised dairy product fast-tracking through my system.

And a sense of ‘impending doom’.

Long story short, I managed to stop off at a pub some mile and a half from Rivelin Cafe and took care of business, before rejoining the gentleman who I’d left patiently waiting outside and we returned to the Cafe for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  Dodged a bullet and no mistake.  If there hadn’t been a pub at that exact moment, I dread to think what might have happened.

Cheap as chips own brand Rice Pudding at 15p per tin.  Hmmm.

Cheap as chips own brand Rice Pudding at 15p per tin. Hmmm.

I’ve since considered the possibility that my choice of rice pudding may have been part of the problem and have consulted with our resident Nutritionist Hannah Bailey.  She’s advised me of how I might concoct a better recipe of my own and still enjoy the benefits of a slow release carb in a sweet flavoured liquid.  So I’ll be testing this ‘recipe for disaster’ again in the near future.

On my own – in the dark maybe…

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