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What’s a healthy snack for an athlete?

I was asked by a client to help with snacks for her son who is an aspiring athlete. Snacking can be really difficult especially if people find they have to eat at different times of the day due to work etc. I put together a brief factsheet and thought I’d share it here to help you too. Diet is hugely underestimated as a part of your training schedule.

  • Diet is key! Training is important but without a healthy and nourishing diet, your training will be limited
  • Eat plenty of protein to help build muscle mass
  • Avoiding sugar is key not just for weight gain but also overall health especially for the future too
  • Eating regular balanced meals will help prevent drops in energy and blood sugar which can lead to sugar cravings
  • Avoiding fizzy drinks whether diet versions or not is hugely important for keeping bones strong and avoiding all the potential side effects of aspartame. Swap to fizzy water with fresh lemon for flavour
  • A high carbohydrate diet is not necessarily the most beneficial for sports performance so consider increasing protein and ensuring you have an adequate intake of fresh vegetables
  • If you start decreasing your sugar intake, it can take a while for your taste buds to adapt so stick with it and things will start to taste different after a couple of weeks

Snacks can often be a tricky part of any diet so here are some ideas of healthy, nutritious snacks

Cold meat- sausages, chicken, ham, turkey, homemade burgers

Fish-salmon or mackerel

Boiled eggs

Vegetable sticks and houmous


Fruit- 2 portions per day

Nak’d bars- 4 per week

Homemade energy bars



Small handful dried fruit

Full fat yoghurt

Cottage cheese and oatcakes

Peanut/almond butter with apple

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