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Returning to running: paused

So, my return to running was going well and I was kind of enjoying it and making progress but something wasn’t right. I’m very good at fixing other people but don’t always listen to my own advice. Anyway, that’s changed now and I do! What that meant was that I needed to take a couple of weeks off to tackle my diet and something called candida.
Candida doesn’t just go in a couple of weeks of really clean eating ( one week being a green veg cleanse) but you can start to make some big differences to it. However, having spent a week living only on green veg and coconut oil/olive oil/sesame oil and a few herbs and spices, there was no way I had the energy to run. Now I’m on a very low carb diet, I’m able to start going out for a little while but to be sensible, I’ll be run/walking so that I can build up slowly. I’ll also be blogging in more depth about candida and what exactly it is as it affects many people without them knowing what it is.

Happy running!


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