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Out of the Box: MIzuno Wave Sayonara 3

This is the third incarnation of this popular road training shoe. For many running longer distances it has also become a go to racing shoe and at 250 grams (210 for the women’s specific version) you can kinda see why. The original Sayonara came about as the ever popular Precision was discontinued, along with the Elixir. So the two became one – well sort of.  A stiffer wave plate and firmer midsole made it more of a new shoe and less of a compromise.
The new Sayonara 3, however, is a different proposition to version 1 and 2.  The drop, at 10mm remains, whilst the midsole is definitely deeper and more like the infamous Precision. It has a more forgiving feel without losing the stability benefits of the Wave Plate that runs from mid foot through to the heel. The ‘Wave’ helps dissipate shock away from the foot. It is said to increase midsole life as a result, which combined with the U4IC material should provide lightweight long lasting protection. Hopping onto the treadmill and the Sayonara 3 does instantly feel more cushioned than previous versions and did spark memories of the Precision. Cushioned yet responsive, supportive without being ‘blocky’. Heel to toe transition feels smooth, whilst forefoot strikers will feel light on their feet.

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3

The Wave Plate definitely stiffens the shoe, providing good lateral to medial support, slowing excess movement of tiring legs. Those with more mobile feet and ankles will appreciate this, more rigid feet may not.  Yet, it still feels more like the Precision than older Sayonara versions.

The upper is AirMesh, which Mizuno say is, “Breathable and Cool, AIRmesh allows each running shoe from Mizuno to maintain a high standard of breathability and comfort of the upper.” It certainly feels light and airy, wrapping the foot in a comfortable blanket. Below the Airmesh are foot supporting straps and a further layer of wicking breathable material to hold the foot and provide comfort. The colours are fairly bright, mind!

If lightweight, cushioned and responsive training is on your agenda, then check out the new Sayonara. If you loved the old Precision you could be looking at the return of an old friend.

Wave Sayonara 3#2

The New Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3 is available Instore, in both a women’s and gents specific feet.

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