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1st month back as a runner

I’ve been back running for just over a month now and I think I’m beginning to fall back in love with it. I went out on Sunday in the rain which would normally have been the first reason to go back to bed but I loved it! I also discovered Rivelin Valley is great as the trees shelter you from the rain.

Sunday’s run was my longest, I ran for 47 minutes, 35 of those were consecutive and then a few bits of walking up the hills home. Have you ever run from Rivelin back up to Walkley? It’s a killer! However, I’d best get training as I accidentally challenged my Mum who is a keen runner to them…

My nutrition has been going really well. I’ve given up drinking for July and barely drank the week before too so that’s 3 weeks of little/no alcohol. Some people can run after a night out, I definitely am not not one of them! I’ve significantly reduced my carbs and am mainly eating sweet potatoes, bits of brown rice and plenty of vegetables with some fruit thrown in to. I have had a couple of white, baked potatoes too.

recovery meals

At the moment, I’m not sure exactly what I want to do with my running. There are lots of different options. A 10k or maybe event a half marathon is realistic for this year meaning next year I could reach marathon distance. I would like to run a marathon but should it be a road marathon or a trail/fell marathon? I’m not sure yet! That’s the great thing about running. It’s very flexible and I may try a marathon and decide I want to stick to shorter distances.

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