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The Return…

There was this shoe brand.  They produced a range of shoes with one in particular that the trail and fell running types, in many cases, couldn’t get enough off.  The brand then made the call to regroup their product and pull out of Europe. Well that particular shoe may not be making a return, yet the good news is that Brand will be.

The next few weeks will see an exclusive for Accelerate, a shoe branded and badged from one of Europe’s finest and largest events.  A shoe that has a reputation for grip, fit and comfort.  One that many will instantly recognise just from the sole.

Do you know the brand?

Do you know the brand?

Come February 2016 there will be a further three shoes to add to the range, in both genders.  An example is pictured and I will be running around giving them a proper testing.

I suspect that they will all be a very welcome return to the UK trail, mountain and ultra market.  Yet more choice from the Accelerate store, which apparently now offers one of the UK’s widest selection of off road running shoes.  Must be good!

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