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Returning to running

Hi everyone! Hannah (sports nutritionist here).

It’s been a while since I’ve run properly. I think I ran once in May and didn’t really enjoy it but today I’m back! Basically, I’m starting from the scratch. The benefit I have is that I know what to do in terms of food and nutrition but everything else needs (a lot of) work.

The problem is that there can always be an excuse and today’s could have easily been that I hadn’t eaten very much so I grabbed one of the Beond bars in the shop and ate it about 20 minutes before going out. It was delicious and didn’t seem to cause any problems whilst running. I got stitch but that’s probably more to do with timing of food and I went off quite quickly without breathing properly. I guess I have quite a lot to remember!

I also chose to take my Injinji toes socks on their first running trip. I love wearing them as normal socks and they are amazing for running. They’re surprisingly comfy and my feet didn’t get too hot.

injini socks

20 minutes isn’t very long but I did it and that’s what is important to remember. I also chose the hilliest route possible and probably won’t run that route for a long time! I’ll be blogging my return to running and talking more about nutrition over the next few months but in the mean time you can find out more about me (Hannah) here or:


twitter: @WiseChoiceNtn

or call me on 07912 556470

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