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Returning to running week 1

So I’ve been back running for just over a week. I hardly class myself as a runner yet but having managed 3 times last week and once so far this week, I’m quite pleased. I have made my first discovery of what every runner needs to keep in stock…blister plasters. Normal plasters just don’t cut it so instead of running I will be doing some body weight workouts and restorative exercise in the hope but by Sunday I can run in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside.

Wednesday was a much longer run than planned. I ended up going out for 45 minutes but it felt really good. I did have to walk up the hills on the way home but if you’ve seen the ones up from Rivelin then I’m sure you’ll understand why! At the moment, I’m just enjoying going out and doing what I can. I am aware that building up too quickly can cause problems so I’ll probably stick to 45 minutes being my maximum at the moment unless Stu has any other ideas!!!

As part of my running, I will be doing more restorative exercise and movement to help strengthen my muscles. I’ve also focused on food a lot this week…I’ll be blogging a very simple but very tasty salad recipe for you later next week.

I’d love to hear what your must have item for running is? I’ll definitely be investing in some blister plasters!

If you’d like to talk to me and ask me any nutrition questions, you can find me on



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