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My New Favourite Shorts…

I’m testing kit. Always testing kit.  I like to know that what the store is offering is good enough.  That has been the case for a while now and my own personal requirements less of an issue. Well until now… with less than 7-weeks to go I am once again considering what I need to wear to be comfortable for the long run, over mountains, in what could be a variety of conditions in a day!

Both Chris and I amongst other Team Accelerate Runners, will be running the Scott Snowdon Trail Race – Chris the Marathon and myself the half.  Either way we are in danger of meeting each other on Snowdon.
So what to wear, what to use to carry gear?  How about a little bit of a combo?

Up step the Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts.  I like Patagonia: the fact they have an environmental policy in their manufacturing utilising ethical methods including recycling, plus the fact their fabrics work.  Have a look at the video below, it saves me rattling on about the features of the short.  So to the most important matter, are they comfy and are they practical enough to carry a bit of gear?  Yes, to both.  I can easily fit my Houdini Jacket into one of the stretchy pockets. The inner brief is not just polyester, it is the wicking, quick drying variety and it does what it is supposed to do – you may not be aware that not every brand of short offers this.  Drying time when wet is another consideration…amazing! Almost straight out of the washing machine and on.  If caught in a light shower the DWR treatment works a treat.

Right that’s the shorts sorted and maybe I will only have to carry fluids – one of the new breed of trail bottles perhaps?  Then there’s the Tee… think that may just be Patagonia too.

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