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Less Is More…or Is It?

Ok, so here it is Chris >> is powered by bananas as he prepares for the Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon.  He is looking to run longer slow distance’s with plenty of climb as he prepares for the race in just over 6 weeks time.  Me I am looking at carrying less, eating less and to a certain point drinking less. I know my challenge is half the distance he will be racing, it does however a far greater percentage of height gain per mile with over 4,000 feet of ascent.

I am choosing my kit based on this.  My shorts will be able to carry everything I should need unless the weather is rubbish, as described previously >>.  So like Chris this last weekend I ran a long one, with plenty of climb. 19k with 3,100 feet of ascent in very much the same area.

LSD: 19km, 3,100 feet ascent

LSD: 19km, 3,100 feet ascent

Chris, I believe is looking to carry a vest pack. He is also taking bananas and gels, plus plenty of water.  Me, I’m old school. Back in the day, gels never existed, water stations were few and far between and offered either water or squash – if you were lucky. That was how we raced, even Marathons. So for me little has changed apart from on really long days out when the High 5 4:1 may make an appearance.

So Sunday, I carried now’t but water, collecting more on the way from the camp site at Barber Booth. Yes, Tom had extra and I did take advantage.  Food I carried none.  Tom again popped up with a pack of Shot Blocks and never having tried them I downed 4 cubes.  That was it.

th7R3YL3D2I was thirsty post run, a tad dehydrated. Nothing wrong in that.  Yes I was ready for dinner, but I certainly wasn’t fighting anyone for a chip. Recovery was around what I expected, good for another hilly 5-miler on Tuesday.  So would my performance have been better for more food along the way?  I am not sure, I am kinda used to longer runs of this distance with not a lot – perhaps half a flapjack or a brownie.  More H20 is needed though.

Hannah, (APC Nutriotionist) tells me she will have a think about our different approaches and Buzz Blog right here as to what she thinks.  I’m interested to hear… So is less, more?

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