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How easy is it to fall off the running wagon?

This week, I’ve hardly run. I went out on Saturday for a rather damp run in Cumbria. It was only 3 miles but a real struggle probably not helped by the Burger King we’d had for dinner the night before. Service stations really do not cater well for healthy eating! Some are better than others but this was pretty much the only option. However, I made myself run to the sea and it was definitely worth the effort.


A rather damp,  grey beach in Cumbira

A rather damp, grey beach in Cumbira

Since Saturday, I haven’t run at all. It’s been a busy week but that’s not really an excuse. Having had a massage on Thursday, I can’t run again until Sunday so my running stuff is packed ready for the weekend and no more excuses. I shall be off for a run today and make sure I schedule them in for the week ahead.

I realised just how easy it is to skip runs when something else seems to be more important. Scheduling them in your diary is a good way of committing yourself to doing some exercise.

What are your top tips for not missing runs?



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