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Beond bars

Yesterday, I started back to running from a long break. Obviously, I’m only running short distances and times at the moment as I build back up so there isn’t really a need for sports supplements such as bars and drinks. However, I will be reviewing them and using them in my training as I up my mileage.

I’m not a big fan of most of the sports products but they do have a time and a place. Certainly when you’re running for less than 2 hours, there’s little need for them. Many of them are high in sugar and artificial ingredients which we are still not completely sure of the long terms effects.

When I went out running yesterday, I hadn’t really eaten enough and not wanting to have a big meal and then delay running even more. About 20 minutes before I went out, I had one of the Beond bars we stock in the shop. They’re similar to Naked bars in many ways but I’m a big fan already. The bars are raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soya free so they’re suitable for lots of dietary requirements. They’re made with raw dates which gives some sugar but obviously it’s natural rather than processed carbohydrates and white flour. Because of the dates, they are quite high in sugar though there is no added sugar. Each bar (35g) contains 15.2g sugar which is quite high but they can be useful for before or during long runs to give you a quick energy boost. They also contain 3g protein per bar which is not particularly high though again, before a run or during a run, it will help with energy.

Organic blueberry Beond bar

Organic blueberry Beond bar

I really like these little bars. They’re convenient, about as healthy as any shop bought long lasting bar can be, taste delicious and are suitable for so many dietary needs. I also like that they contain just 4 ingredients: raw dates, raw cashews, raw blueberries and a natural blueberry flavouring. If you’re looking for something to give you a boost during the day and want to look for an alternative to chocolate then this is a good solution. It’s also great for before, during or after training too. Next time you’re in store, why not pick one up and give it a try?



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