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Aching for a run.


I attended a circuit training session on Tuesday.  My girlfriend’s regular session.

It’s been a very long time since I had to do a Sit Up, or a Squat Thrust, or a Burpee, or Cycle Sit Up….

…or Mountain Climber, or V Up Crunch… get the idea.

It was brutal.

I was made to do too much of what was virtually impossible on the first attempt, rep after rep, repeated several times.

I ended up laid out on the floor of the Church Hall, incapable of action – with the instructor demanding that I keep going.





I was not amused.  The rest of the group, all female – had known I was coming.  I sensed a conspiracy.

I believe that to have tried just a few reps, or maybe as many as could be done properly, would have been enough.  Just to get my body working harder than normal.  Wake things up and get the muscles activated again.

What I’ve ended up with now, is all over muscle soreness like I can’t remember.

Except for the legs, which to be fair, take a lot of stick.  The running I could handle.  I didn’t really mind the planks either, though by the time I’d tried all of the other abdominal/hip dependent moves, even those felt impossible.

I can’t help feeling like the entire session was designed to be tough, rather than of optimum benefit.  I’m now literally incapable of moving without discomfort, let alone building on my previous routine.  By the time things settle down, I’ll have been idle for so long, there will  surely be little advantage in having worked so hard.  Little and often would surely mean more strength, better form and a more effective workout in a few weeks time….?  Far less chance of injury that way.

I’m certainly not keen to go back and be put through more of the same, but there is that part of me that wishes I could crack on with the training in my own time, then return to that group just to make it all look easy.  But I really doubt I can be bothered.

It probably won’t help my running at all.

I’m just so unimpressed with how weak I’ve become at something I used to be great at.  Hard to swallow.  Maybe I’m just jealous……

The rest of the group seemed to enjoy watching me struggle.  So that’s nice.

"Come on Chris, the girls have all finished"

“Come on Chris, the girls have all finished”

Will I ever return to that session and make fools of everyone, or is there more chance of seeing a one legged cat burying poop in a frozen fish pond….?


Who knows, but one thing’s for certain – if I do, I won’t then follow it with three runs in the same day, such as I did this time around.  I can usually expect there to be a delay before the aches set in, so pushing my luck in the meantime has really done me wrong.

I only hope I do feel stronger when it settles.  Tomorrow’s run to work will be a very timid little run, that’s for sure.




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